…No Matter How You Play

Whether you call it ping pong or table tennis, Austin needed a nice place to learn all about ping pong (or table tennis). Where you should go to play, who to talk to, how this all started in Austin, how you get better fast and why are some people so damn serious about it. I mean, isn’t Table Tennis just ping pong? Well, sort of…

We can generalize players into two different types:

Table Tennis Players: JOWaldnerPull the rubber off their paddle almost every time they play, practicing the same shot with their buddy a million times in a row til they get it right. They probably have several expensive racquets with a special case to hold each one and a bag made just to hold all this stuff. They are very serious about the rules, established etiquette and you had better be too. Never giggle while playing.


Ping Pong Players:  Rather just take shots at the bar while listening to music hanging out with the “cool” people and just whacking the hell out of the ball (any ball, it really doesn’t matter). Shoes and other clothes are completely optional, as is owning a paddle. Sometimes giggle while playing, sometimes just giggle for no reason at all.

We aren’t stuffy, but we do call it Table Tennis, because Sears owns the name of the game – Ping Pong (at least that’s what we’ve always been told). Call it what you like, ping pong, table tennis, whiff whaff, tisch tennis, paddle ball or just plain silly, it is a lot of fun however you play it.

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